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At what age can I use SAMFARMER products?


The ingredients and formulations are specifically for young adults coping with hormone changes mainly experienced during teenage years

Vegan / Cruelty Free?

Vegan - No Animal Derived Ingredients

Claiming Cruelty Free is not permitted by law because animal testing for cosmetic products was banned in the UK in 2004 (although animal testing stopped voluntarily in 1997) and it has been banned in Europe since 2009.

Clean / Non Toxic / Nasties and other nonsense

Every cosmetic product ever made is 100% Chemical

We are Cosmetic Scientists, we use scientific and historical evidence when selecting ingredients for our formulations.

Please read our Blogs for more information.

I have a question about SAMFARMER ingredients / formulation

Please see Customer's Cosmetic Science Questions at the bottom of the Education Page

Cosmetic Science Educational Courses

Cosmetic Science Education resources for all ages are listed in the SAMFARMER Education tab

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