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Can I Use Adult Luxury Products as a Teenager?

When you reach that age when your skin, hair and body start to change, the world of cosmetics and personal care suddenly opens up and the options can be overwhelming.  

The allure of luxury adult skin products is so tempting but should you use these on teenage skin?  The answer isn't a simple yes or no but rather, it depends.  Factors like your skin type, the specific product, the products’ function and perhaps most importantly, the ingredients.

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Understanding Teenage Skin

Teenage skin is fundamentally different from adult skin. During adolescence, hormonal changes can often make skin and hair (the scalp produces more sebum than any other part of the skin) oilier and more prone to skin issues. 

Adolescent skin also tends to be more sensitive and less resilient to the more ‘active’ cosmetic ingredients, compared to adult skin. Therefore, it’s essential to use products specifically created for young adult skinTalking about personal care is an essential part of choosing appropriate products. 

The Appeal of Luxury Adult Skincare

Luxury adult skincare products are often targeted towards addressing concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, sun damage or advanced skin dryness, issues that most teenagers don't usually face. These products can contain high concentrations of active ingredients that might be too aggressive for their skin and therefore unnecessary and possibly harmful.  It could also, of course, be a complete waste of money.

Selection of luxury adult skincare products

Adult Luxury Products - To Use or Not to Use?

Using adult luxury products as a teenager is largely dependent on the product in question.

  1. Cleansers: Cleansers suitable for adults may possibly also be used by teenagers, provided they are gentle and the concentration of specific actives are appropriate.  Young adults daily lives are different from adults and teen skin will benefit more from a formula specifically designed for them, usually created to tackle excess oil and breakouts.
  1. Moisturisers: Adult moisturisers often contain anti-aging ingredients which can be too strong for young skin. Instead, look for oil-free moisturisers with age appropriate actives. 
  1. Anti-aging Products: These are unnecessary for teenagers as the skin is still producing plenty of collagen and elastin. Ingredients like retinol, commonly found in adult anti-aging products, can be too harsh for teenage skin and cause irritation.  Unless directed by a Dermatologist this ingredient is best avoided in young adult skin
  1. Sunscreen: Regardless of age, everyone should aim to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and a 5-Star rating but in reality, doing this every day is difficult in the teenage years.  Find a product that is easy to apply and try to make sure it’s used as much as possible.
  1. Acne Products: Teenagers and adults can share certain blemish specific products, like those containing Chlorella Vulgaris extract or salicylic acid. These can be more expensive if the formula contains the efficacious concentration of actives. 
  1. Exfoliants: Some teenagers may benefit from gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. However, some adult exfoliating products may be too 'aggressive'. If you want to try exfoliation then start with once a week and opt for a mild exfoliant suited to your skin type.

Luxury Isn’t Always Better

Teenager deciding on which product to buy

While luxury skincare products might feel indulgent due to their packaging, high price tag and alluring marketing they aren't necessarily better than their more affordable counterparts. Many brands offer fantastic skincare products that deliver excellent results without the luxury price tag.  

If you can find a brand that formulates for teenagers then this will usually be the best starting point when venturing into adolescent personal care for the first time.

Consult a Professional

If you're a teenager with specific skin conditions, then it's advisable to consult a dermatologist before using any cosmetic products as your condition may require pharmaceutical products. Remember there is no such thing as a cosmeceutical, this is a made up marketing term.  Consultant Dermatologists can provide advice based on your specific skin type and concerns, it may be expensive but wasting money on expensive adult cosmetic products may cost you more.

Using some adult luxury products as a teenager will not be harmful but it's essential to consider whether they are the right choice for young skin. Focusing on a simple but consistent skincare routine using gentle, appropriately formulated products is the best approach to maintain your skin's health during the teenage years.


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