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Don’t Sweat it | Hygiene tips for active teens

Active teenagers

Encouraging effective personal care habits, especially for active young adults, is an essential part of life.

This article will focus the importance of using personal care products and suggest some strategies to maintain cleanliness for improved confidence and comfort.

The Switch to Roll-On 

Sam Farmer deodorant

Staying fresh during the busy school day can be tricky.  Moving away from spray deodorants to roll-on alternatives offers several advantages and not just in avoiding the ‘fumigated’ household after spraying.

1. Targeted Application

They allow for more precise application, ensuring that the product is used effectively where needed.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

Roll-ons, often with less packaging and propellant gases, can be a more environmentally friendly choice.

3. Less Waste

 Spray products spray the entire area around the armpit resulting in wastage.

4. Improved Indoor Environment

Roll-ons reduce the risk of inhaling aerosol particles, which is particularly beneficial in shared spaces like changing rooms.

Haircare for Swimmers

Sam Farmer Shampoo

 Swimmers face challenges primarily due to the effects of chlorine:

1. Chlorine Damage

Chlorine can disrupt natural oils on the hair, leading to dryness, brittleness and discolouration.

2. Regular Washing

It's essential to wash hair regularly with a gentle, clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine residues.

3. Conditioning

Using a conditioner designed for swimmers can help protect the hair from further damage.

4. Pre-Swim Tip

Wetting hair with clean water before swimming has been shown to help reduce the amount of chlorine damage.

Managing Foot Hygiene and Odour

washing teen feet

Active lifestyles often lead to sweaty feet, a natural breeding ground for bacteria, causing odour and sometimes, discomfort:

1. Proper Footwear

Choose breathable shoes and moisture-wicking socks to reduce sweat accumulation.

2. Regular Washing 

 Wash feet every day and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.

3. Clean Socks

 A clean pair of socks, every day, is important to maintain foot health.

4. Foot Powders and Sprays

You can use these products to keep feet dry and control odour.

5. Shoe Care

If possible, rotate shoes to allow them to 'air out' and consider using shoe deodorisers.

Importance of Cleaning Minor Wounds

Active young adults often sustain minor scrapes and bruises, especially on areas like knees. Leaving these wounds, even something as trivial as mud-covered knees, if left uncleaned, can lead to infections. It's important to:

1. Clean and Disinfect

 Gently wash the area and if necessary apply a mild disinfectant.

2. Monitor for Infection

 Look out for signs of infection like increased redness, swelling, or pain.

Managing Changing Room Awkwardness

Many young adults feel self-conscious in communal changing areas. To cope with this, try:

1. Plan Ahead

Have a quick change routine to minimise time spent in the changing area.

2. Use Privacy options

Utilise bathroom stalls or shower cubicles for changing, if available.

3. Stay Focussed and Respectful

Focus on personal tasks and respect others' privacy.

Developing these hygiene habits can be really useful. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about encouraging a sense of self-care and confidence. Habits, formed during these formative years, lay the foundation for a healthy, confident and well-balanced adult life.


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