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New Year's Revolution: Elevating Personal Care for Teens and Young Adults

2023 rolling into 2024

In 2024 it's time to revolutionise our approach to personal care for teenagers and young adults. The cosmetics industry has long targeted this demographic but often overlooked the crucial aspect of genuine care and respect that young individuals deserve and parents expect. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have shed light on the developmental complexities of the teenage brain which only further proves the need for products that align with their unique physiological and psychological requirements.

Great Change

The teenage years are a pivotal period in life. It's a time when we are not only experiencing significant physical changes but are also forming our self-identity and how we wish to be perceived by others. The cosmetics industry has not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to offer products that support this delicate phase of physical change, self-discovery and expression.

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Alongside this educational support, the formulations themselves should focus on the use of appropriate ingredients. Products should contain these ingredients at concentrations consistent with the clinical data to be compatible with young, sensitive skin. This isn't just about efficacy; it's about trust. Young adults need to have confidence that the products they use will work effectively, allowing them to focus on their daily activities.  Simply getting through a school day can be tough enough.

Social Media

However, in the age of TikTok and other social media platforms, there's a growing trend of obtaining cosmetic science education from unreliable sources. This trend is alarming for a Cosmetic Scientist. Some of the content in personal care and cosmetics is created purely for attention and evidence suggests we are more attracted to fear and negativity so this usually wins over truth and facts on social media. For example, cosmetic scientists are the people who formulate products based on scientific principles and safety standards. There's a clear and completely understandable gap among teenagers and their parents about who does what in the world of skin care, leading to confusion and potentially harmful practices.


Let’s empower teenagers and young adults by helping them make informed decisions about their skin, hair and body as cosmetic products play a vital role in building self-esteem and self-respect.   Through educating young adults about the importance of personal care and by providing reliable and efficacious personal care solutions that respect the unique needs of this age group, we can help them through this confusing and challenging period.


As we step into this new year, I want to make a collective effort to elevate the standard of personal care for teenagers and young adults. It's time for a revolution – one that places respect, education and genuine care at the forefront of the cosmetics industry. 

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