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The Young Adult’s Guide to Travel Hygiene: Staying Fresh On The Go!

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Whether you're off to a festival, sports tour or just gathering with friends over the weekend, maintaining personal care is a key part of enjoying your trip. Here's our guide to maintaining personal hygiene while you're on the move.

Travel Light, Travel Smart

First things first, those full-sized bottles of your favorite face wash or body wash? Not exactly travel-friendly. Opt for travel-sized containers that are under 100ml. They're easier to carry around and won't get you in trouble at airport security. Plus, they save precious space for more important stuff.

Here's a rundown of the essential items that should be in everyone’s bag.

1. Face Wash

Choose a face wash that addresses the needs of adolescent skin which is often prone to oiliness and breakouts. A small bottle is sufficient for most trips.

Remember to rinse thoroughly leaving nothing behind  

2. Moisturiser

Keep your skin hydrated. A small, travel-size moisturiser can be a lifesaver, especially if you're out braving the elements.

3. Body Wash

Keep it compact and mess-free with a mini bottle. A good body wash can refresh you in no time and is a better alternative to a bar of soap that gets soggy and grim  

4. Shampoo & Conditioner

Keep your hair clean and shiny with travel-sized versions of your regular shampoo and conditioner.

5. Deodorant

A compact, roll-on deodorant can help you feel confident and fresh during the trip.  Easy to apply and carry in your pocket. 

Person holding a SAM FARMER Deodorant

The Unsung Hero: A Washcloth

It might seem obvious but a face cloth or flannel is your best ally. It is versatile and occupies hardly any space.  It has so many uses from a body wipe to a mini towel and cooling pad.

The Practicalities of Going Away

Keep it Routine: 

Just because you're not at home doesn't mean you should stop washing! 

Be Resourceful:

No shower? No problem. A face wash can double as a refreshing hand and arm wash. Remember, a quick wipe with a moist washcloth and a swipe of roll on deodorant can work wonders until you find your next shower.

Empty travel size bottles for cosmetic products

Space-Saving Tip

If you can't find travel sizes, DIY it! Invest in some reusable travel bottles and fill them up from your full-sized products before you leave.

Quick Refresh

Always have a pack of wet wipes on hand for those times when you can’t wash your hands or need a quick refresh.  There are biodegradable ones on the market now.

Stay Dry, Stay Fresh:

Keep your feet, socks, and shoes as dry as possible. Moisture can lead to odors.

Good hygiene is not just about self-respect, it is a personal responsibility.  By thinking ahead and a little planning, you can keep clean and fresh during your travels, making a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for yourself and others.

Travel smart, stay clean and make the most of your adventures with confidence . Personal care isn't just a practice, it's a statement: it's worth the effort. 


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