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Caring for Teenage Skin During The Winter Months

Caring for Teenage Skin During The Winter Months

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It looks like a very cold and wintry February is on the way. Teenage skin requires special attention during these months. It's all about cleansing, moisturisation, protection and lip care.

Cleansing: The Foundation

Winter weather doesn't negate the need for regular cleansing. Teenage skin, prone to oiliness and breakouts, benefits from a gentle, hydrating cleanser.

Moisturisation: The Barrier

Moisturising is vital during winter, as the cold air and indoor heating can sap moisture from the skin. Look for moisturisers with humectant ingredients like glycerin.

It’s important to apply moisturiser immediately after cleansing not just to rebalance the skin but also to help protect from the wintery conditions.

Sam FArmer Moisturiser

Protection: The Defender

While the sun may seem less intense, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended on sunny days.  Remembering an SPF when it’s cold and raining is probably asking a bit too much.  Protecting the skin from winds and cold temperatures by wearing scarves and hats can prevent chapping and irritation.

Lip Care: The Essential

Lips are particularly vulnerable in winter, prone to cracking and dryness. A hydrating lip balm, preferably with SPF, is useful. Look for ingredients like petroleum jelly, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E to nourish and protect the lips. Re apply lip balm regularly throughout the day, especially before going outdoors.

Chapped Lips

Top Tips


Drinking plenty of water is essential for maintaining hydrated skin.

Diet: A balanced diet supports skin health.  Cans of energy drink are not ideal!


Occasional gentle exfoliation can remove dead skin cells, improving skin texture and must always be followed up with applying a moisturiser.

To Sum Up

Caring for teenage skin during the British winter is about balancing cleansing and moisturisation, protecting from harsh weather and overall health. Following these guidelines, young adults can maintain healthy, resilient skin even in the coldest months.

As always, skincare is not just about appearance; it's about self-care and health during a pivotal time of growth and change.


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