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The Best Hair Care Advice for Young Adults

Our hair, just like our skin, influences the way we feel about ourselves. It’s important. Everything from cleansing and conditioning to styling and treating will have an impact on our...

How to Have Good Skin as a Young Adult

Be wary of ‘miracle’ products and '30 day money back' offers - the skin’s natural turnover is a c.28 day cycle so it would probably improve anyway and miracles are...

Teenage skincare on a budget

A basic yet consistent skincare routine is often more effective than sporadically using a multitude of expensive products. Follow a two-step process; Cleanse then Moisturise.

How do I deal with Oily skin as a teenager?

The main culprit behind oily skin during adolescence is hormones - specifically, androgens. Androgens are hormones that increase during puberty in both boys and girls. They stimulate the oil glands...

Talking to your teen about personal hygiene

Talking about personal hygiene can be awkward, so it’s important to be sensitive to your teenager’s feelings. You may want to approach the conversation gently, and let your teenager know that...


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